Chilla Kiana Hadi was born on September 30, 1995, in Surabaya, Indonesia. Chilla spent her early years doing the things most children do - except with a lot more music. She began to show interest in music at the age of seven, and by the age of ten, Chilla was writing her own songs and playing the piano at various concerts and competitions.


Chilla began juggling her commitment to education with a few music projects during her time in middle and high school, but it was her affiliation with Disney that officially jump-started her music career. Singing the theme song for Disney’s Princesses franchise called “The Glow”, which was dubbed in various languages, paved the way for Chilla to be included in many other Disney projects.


According to her mother Jessica who spent time as a businesswoman and the people around her, Chilla Kiana’s musical talents were apparent since the beginning. Influenced by Disney music in her early days, Chilla’s musical inspirations have evolved, with Alabama Shakes, India Arie, Joni Mitchell, Amy Winehouse, and Rihanna as some of her biggest formative influences. Soon, her family relocated to Jakarta with the intent of furthering both her music career and education.


In 2012, Chilla’s singer-songwriter material earned her a record deal with Universal Music, but decidedly put her music on hold for the sole reason of finishing her university education, with International Business Management as her major.


Brandishing emotional music, heartfelt lyrics, and strong vocals with the aplomb of a rising star, Chilla’s first real single was finally released on July 21, 2016: “A Copy of You”. It set the tone for the singer’s musical direction, who hopes to have a full album released not too distant in the future.


Outside of her burgeoning music career, Chilla remains to be the same person as she was at the beginning of it all - someone with a big heart who smiles to whomever she meets and has a dream of building an orphanage. She’s striding with confidence into the start of her very young career hoping to be a good influence and, in some sense of the word, touch other people’s lives in the process.